Is Obama A Phony On Torture?

As with previous presidents, it seems as though President Obama may not be aware of what’s going on in his administration: after all, the President is now encouraging the Senate to ‘complete the work’ it has already completed ‘over 15 months ago!’

Someone has to watch over what’s happening, and since the spying agency of the United Kingdom already has it’s own accreditation agencyGCHQ It’s all about accreditation: now that GCHQ has been accredited (OCAA (Online Covert Action Accreditation- OCAA) seems to do it best), let’s move towards accreditation of NSA++ et al.—it may be a big job, but somebody has to do it!

And while we’re accrediting these things/organisms, why not accredit the USA government itself: This shows a disturbing lack of goings on in his own administration! At a minimum, he should be warned.

I volunteer (I may need help with room and board) at least 40 hours a week to begin the process of assembling a team to accredit the US government. Please help if you can!

OCAA: see 9th powerpoint slide

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I’m dismayed – and somewhat sickened – by the continuing passivity of the president on one of the most important issues the country faces: accountability for the gravest crimes under international law in the first decade of the 21st Century. This is a president who was propelled to two victories in part by those of us who saw the Cheney torture program as an indelible stain on this country that had to be exposed and expunged. And many of us were sympathetic to the difficulty a newly-elected president would be in – if he truly attempted to do right by history. To launch a gut-wrenching investigation into a government agency that remains responsible for our collective security is not something a president should do lightly when assuming the office. As so many presidents have noted over the years, the CIA is powerful enough to wreck a presidency if it tries…

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Single Payor Healthcare (Medicare) is the way to go!

By limiting the amounts that doctors and hospitals can collect from Medicare Beneficiaries, and paying much of the cost of prescription drugs, Medicare is a great deal, and one that we can make better. Please read this one-page description of how the single payor Medicare will solve many problems.  If our plan is executed swiftly, it will also save lots of money in taxes, all the while relieving employers of the burden/cost of providing employees healthcare coverage.  If we can get some support, we can all make this happen quickly.  Please read and stand by for more information.  Thanks.  JM